The awesomeness that is Miuccia Prada

spring 2009(Spring 2009)

Yesterday, I was browsing T Magazine Blog when I came across THIS article about Miuccia Prada, which is so engrossing that I’d have to share with y’all. Prada is already too well-known for any kind of introduction, but not every one of us is exactly familiar with the brilliant and prolific mind behind the eponymous label and also Miu Miu. You’d really have to visit to see how many collections she churns out for both brands per year. It’d blow your mind, I guarantee. I’ve always appreciated the brand’s eccentricity and strong adherence to the concept of discrete luxury, but the article gives us a fresh and quick gleam into her idiosyncratic philosophies and thoughts on fashion, which are next level unique I’d have to admit. A few interesting things I learned from the article:

– She has a Ph.D. in political science. I know from experience in college that earning a degree in political science is no easy feast.

– She was a leftist feminist. I understand what a feminist is, but anyone cares to illuminate me what a leftist feminist is?

– Ugliness inspires her while ‘good taste’ turns her off.

– For a long time, she couldn’t single out why she does fashion. Now, she considers it another form of emancipation.

– Fake Prada doesn’t bother her one bit.

– She thinks it’s liberating to be able to hate yourself. This is interesting because I’m a staunch believer in the maxim that you can’t love somebody else before you really love yourself first.

Upon finishing the article, I realized that in order to have a firm grasp of any brand and their offerings, it’s essential to put them into a broader context and learn a great deal about the designer, since his or her background, ideologies and vision all come into play. I then parsed Prada’s collections all the way back to 2009 and didn’t find one single season that she failed to deliver a strong jolt of fashion, attitude and ideologies. And I haven’t even touched upon the womenswear shows. All the of-the-moment trends like camo, floral, and color block were like so last century with Ms. Prada. Pure genius!

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