What I carry

editIn my efforts to adopt the travel light habit, I have whittled down what I usually carry in my messenger bag to only the most essential items. Let me tell you boy, it feels pretty amazing with the capital A to finally be able to lift the clusterfuck off my shoulders.

1) ONA The Bowery Bag: I got this bag the same time I got my first DSLR at the end of last year. It’s worked double duty as a camera bag and a day-to-day bag ever since. In case you’re not familiar with ONA, they were founded in 2010 and provide stylish camera bags in namely cowhide leather and waxed cotton canvas to professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. When I purchased my DSLR, I searched day in day out for a function-meets-fashion camera bag but what came up were black, chunky and downright ugly bags. Y’all know what I’m talking about. So, when I chanced upon ONA, I knew I’d have to acquire one of their goodies at all costs. I placed an order on their retailer’s website (B&H Photo in NYC), shipped it to my friend’s place in Chicago, and waited 2 months for her return to our third world fatherland. By the way, that is how I feed my retail addiction if you ever wonder. It actually utilizes a very specific and relevant skills set of searching (for a particular item), calling (stores and online retailers if said item isn’t available), negotiating (with anyone who holds even the weakest link to me so he/she can bring it back) and waiting (patiently for the item). If only I could apply those skills to my dead-end office job. LOL. Anyway, I digress. The lovely quirky thing about ONA bags is each bag is named after a place that the founder has been to so you’d see The Brooklyn, The Chelsea, and The Brixton among others. Mine is a small but roomy “The Bowery”, which most likely stands for my perennial favorite Bowery neighborhood in NYC and thus has real sentimental value to me. The bag is made of premium waxwear with leather details, making it quite durable and stylish. There are front and side pockets for your iPhone and other miscellaneous stuff as well.

2) Prada Saffiano Leather Credit Card Holder: If I had to name one positive fashion lesson I learned from working with finance people in the city, it’d surely be the credit card holder one. Gone are the days when a thick and full of petty cash wallet that every man in the third world still carries occupied one half of my buttocks. I married this Prada beauty at Neiman Marcus and have absolutely no regret whatsoever. It’s Prada. Period.

3) Rohto Eye Drops: Spending a big portion of my waking hours glued to the computer’s screen is extremely soporific so naturally I’m obsessed with Rohto eye drops. They’re simply life-saving. Whoever said that they are the ultimate eyegasm hit the nail on the head.

4) Paul Smith Retro-Inspired Spectacles: This is arguably the most essential thing in my bag as well as in my life. I’m short-sighted so without it my life is literally incomplete. I got this pair at Oliver Peoples boutique on Madison Avenue last spring. I’m a die-hard Paul Smith fan and love this pair for its quirky design. The outside frame is olive tortoise while the inside is emerald green. Quintessential Paul Smith!

5) iPhone 4s: I can’t live without my trusty iPhone. I just really can’t. And I think you echo the same sentiment 🙂

6) Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses: I don’t think you can get anything more iconic than a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Aviator. That’s all.

7) Terre d’Hermes Parfume: Just like paying taxes, I believe it’s everyone’s duty to not exude unpleasant body odor because there’s nothing more off-putting than standing next to a smelly person. You obviously garner brownie points if you make the extra efforts to smell nice. I’m not crazy on perfume so I always look for something pleasant and lasting. Terre d’Hermes does just that in the perfect manner.

8) Hand sanitizer: Okay, I live in a country where everything is bacteria-filled so this is actually hygienically advised.

9) Suede cover notebook: I bought this vintage-inspired notebook at Barnes & Noble sometime during 2011 when I lived in NY for maybe $25. It’s clearly not the best notebook in the world because the pages are bound together in a way that makes it rather difficult to flip through. I absolutely adore the covers made of suede leather though and have got compliments whenever it’s out in the public.

10) Pocket comb: My less than ideal feature is my spiky hair. I bring this small comb with me everywhere to avoid looking like an electricity shock victim.

11) Transcend 32 GB Memory Card: Strangely enough, I always carry an extra memory card whether having my camera at hand or not. It’s quite tiny, so no big deal.

Now your turn. What’s in your bag?

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