Pink, Floral, Camo?

I’m sure y’all have seen shots from Givenchy Fall 2013 Ad Campaign starring Carine Roitfeld, her daughter and Amanda Seyfrield trickling all over the internet the past few days. But how about the new pre-spring for men? Riccardo Tisci recently released the looks exclusively to It took me a few attempts before I finally had an idea of what’s going on. Generally speaking, I love almost every single thing he churns out, maybe except for that notorious number worn by Kim Kardashian. No on a second thought, she was the problem, not the dress itself. Anyway, there are a few pieces I highly doubt I’ll ever be wearing myself, but the rest is just beyond. Infinitely wearable yet that high fashion vibe remains very much intact. Click for proof!


Image credit: STYLE

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