Yay or Nay: A.P.C. x Nike’s?

nike-apc-2013-sneaker-collection-1What do you think about this collaboration between A.P.C and Nike’s? I’m feeling a tad ambivalent myself. I’ve been working out non-stop everyday for the past year in my trusty Nike’s, so it’s definitely time for a real upgrade. I like A.P.C. quite a lot for their minimalist yet contemporary clothing, and those kicks surely strike a happy medium between fashion and function. However, I don’t wear sneakers outside of the gym that often, and that fact alone presents a problem. Even inside the gym, I’m wondering if those will withstand all my explosive fat-melting and leg-toning kicking and running as well as the real training kicks from Nike’s do. But then again, their prices coupled with my adopted “more is more” American mindset especially when it comes to shoes really tip the scales.

Anyway, I’ll pay a visit to A.P.C store soon. Meeting in-person, a change of heart can happen, you know 🙂 For those who can’t be physically present in the stores to try them on, you can order on A.P.C. website now. Happy splurging!

Image Credit: HIGHSNOB

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