Style Inspiration #5: Eddie Redmayne

Eddie-Redmayne-Interview-Magazine-February-2015-Cover-Photo-Shoot-007He might be a fresh face in the glitz and glam world of Hollywood, but in another equally glamorous world that is fashion he’s nothing short of a veteran. With more than a few years of modeling under his belt most notably for Burberry and a well-deserved spot on 2012 Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List, Eddie Redmayne is a force to be reckoned with in the menswear landscape. (Ryan Gosling, you really need to watch your back.)

In my book, Eddie embodies that perfect quintessential British style– razor-sharp tailoring when dressing up and casual elegance with a bit of edge when dressing down. He once shared in THIS interview that his day-to-day fashion is pretty simple, which basically consists of t-shirts, Levi’s jeans and battered shoes. That isn’t the daily celebrities’ bombastic preaching because when you examine his off-duty and even some occasional on-duty moments, you’d realize he really lives by his words.

I was personally quite excited about doing a post about Eddie not just because I find him easily the best-dressed male celebrity of the moment whose sense of style I draw a lot of inspiration from but also because he appears to be a genuinely humble and conscientious actor who focuses on mastering his craft. He also gets some brownie points for being highly educated (graduated with high honors, hello?) So, let me share with y’all the sartorial lessons I’ve learned from Eddie Redmayne.

Lesson #1- Own your suits like a bossDavid Beckham or Ryan Gosling gotta beef up to the competition real fast, if they don’t want to lose the throne to Eddie Redmayne for being the best-dressed man when it comes to suits. In fact, I don’t think there has ever been one Eddie Redmayne-in-suits misstep despite that his suits’ colors run the gamut from black, brown to charcoal, tan and blue, each in different hues. Apparently, suits by Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Hugo Boss or Tom Ford are all tailored to perfection, and thus fit snugly to begin with but do you know what his most important tip is? Feeling comfortable in it.

Here’s THE proof in case you’re wondering where I got that from. Suits are fundamental in every man’s closet because he will wear them in just every significant event in his life, but I know for a fact that a lot of men (or at least many male species I know) feel terribly out of their element being decked out in suits. It shouldn’t be that way. As much as I love experimenting with fashion, I still find suits one of the best things that’s ever happened to menswear.

From now on, whenever you have to put on a suit, just try to feel more comfortable than you usually do instead of thinking that it’s excessively formal or pretentious. All you need to do is get your suits tailored so you feel belonged in them. Period. burberry tfTF AM

Lesson #2- Opt for a cardigan under your suits: What would men usually wear under a blazer or suit? Either a vest that goes with the suit or a formal shirt, right? Not many would wear a cardigan under it, I’ve observed. If Eddie were to dress like 92% of men out there, he would never make the cut for any best-dressed list. See what not doing what the vast majority of the population do do to you? (headache yet with my confusing English?)

Anyway, a well-fitting cardigan between your shirt and your blazer does double-duty, keeping you warm and refreshing your look. This is certainly how I’ll dress myself everyday during winter.


Lesson #3- A loosely tucked blue or chambray shirt: Every man owns blue shirts. Chambray shirts, probably not that many. The boring way to wear them is how often men wear them. You either tuck them in all the way or you leave your shirttails hang down to your fly. However, the simple trick of tucking them loosely will make all the differences. You instantly wear them with flair and attitude.

If you have followed my blog for some time, you’d most likely know about my borderline obsession with everything AllSaints. It’s been a 3-year rock-solid, intense and passionate relationship, so much that there have been moments when I literally broke my bank account. When Eddie showed up on the MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet in head-to-toe AllSaints, I was, like, over the moon because I feel like my ridiculous, inconvenient and consuming love was finally justified. It was a seal of approval 🙂

loosely tucked blue shirtLesson #4: Colorful pants: Nick Wooster does it. Simone Marchetti does it. Eddie Redmayne does it. If that isn’t convincing enough for you to wear bold colors, I don’t know what will. This lesson has been repeated for so many times on here I won’t go over it again. Just to remind you it’s spring now and will be summer in no time, so a pair of colorful pants is just as appropriate as it gets.

color chinosAs usual, here are my favorite Eddie’s looks, which are no means his best. They simply resonate with the styles that I love to steal at the moment, especially the last one which is such a winning ensemble. What are your favorites? Let me know!favorite looks

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