Style Inspiration #4: Ryan Gosling

confused dasher, how to dress like ryan gosling, ryan gosling effortlessly stylishIn the past two or three years, no best-dressed male celebrities list was complete without Ryan Gosling hovering somewhere near the top spot. I have to admit that I was initially a tad skeptical about citing him as a style inspiration, because if memory serves me right, he did mention during some interview that he does enlist the help of a stylist. When a stylist is involved, however common this practice is in Hollywood, it inevitably triggers a lot of second thoughts on my end about how many percent of the whole look can be credited to the eyes of the person who actually wears it. You know what I mean, right?

However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the remarkable non-fussy consistency and approachability of both his on and off-carpet style during my due diligence. While Ryan often wins over with his impeccable suits on the red-carpet, his day-to-day outfits be it at the airports or on errand duties are not any less swoon-worthy for the brethren like us. Without further ado, let’s unlock Ryan’s style secrets.

Lesson #1-Leather biker jacket is a must: Really, a black leather biker jacket is so versatile and easy to wear that it has to be in your wardrobe no matter what. Do you see how many different ways Ryan styles it in the pictures below? And those are not even all of the pictures with him wearing his trusty jacket. Pair yours with trousers, jeans or chinos and then quickly throw on a simple shirt under it, I guarantee you will be light years ahead of your peers when it comes to dressing for both comfort and fashion.

In fact, be it menswear or womenswear, a leather biker jacket adds a perfect blend of classic element and cool urban edge to your outfit. Now that I’m writing this, I need to switch my saving mode on asap for my future perfect jacket, since a good one certainly doesn’t come cheap. I’m eyeing something from AllSaints or Acne, just so you know.


Lesson #2- Fit-slim-to-the-body sweaters are…another must: Well, before you decide to jump on this slim-fit sweaters bandwagon, one thing you need to do is to hit the gym hard. No, in fact, you should always hit the gym hard whether you opt for this style or whatever style there’s out there, because like Rick Owens put it, “Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead.” And from MY personal experience, it couldn’t get any more accurate than that. Granted that you have pulled your acts together in the fitness department and attain something to prove to the world, it’s time to go get some. Oh I mean, some slim-fit sweaters because they not just allow you to show off your chiseled body but also remain super stylish whether you wear them with jeans or formal pants.

The best way to wear it, like Ryan shows us in the first picture, is to pair it with cropped or above-the-ankle pants and loafers. That’s fashion-meets-function at its very best. Also I think the short-sleeved sweater style is quite interesting to experiment as well, if you live in a perpetually paradisiacal weather like in L.A.

hensleyLesson #3- Suit up like a boss: I literally had to scream and shout Ryan Gosling owns the best-est suits in the business when I was putting these collages together. The color, the cut and the proportion of his every suit are faultless, thanks to namely Gucci and Tom Ford.

The sartorial lesson to learn from Ryan’s glorious triumph when it comes to suits isn’t much about wearing unorthodox colors or splurging on the prohibitively expensive designer suits, even though if you’re brave enough to get decked out in satin blue or black velvet or maroon suit all the more respect to you. By then, you probably wouldn’t need to look anywhere for style inspiration but your own reflection in the mirror.

The most important factor is how well-fitting your suit is. This surely is a run-of-the-mill lesson, but from what I have observed not only in real life but also on red-carpet, the vast majority of men (filthy-rich celebrities included) get it wrong. Tailor your suits, so they are yours and yours only. For now, let’s just feast on his sartorial marvelousness.

colorful suitssuits 2As usual, here are my all-time favorite looks of his. Look #1 and #3, I firmly believe you can pull it off with your newfound confidence acquired from your gym efforts. Look #2 and #4, grow a set before you try. Just kidding, you know I mean it figuratively 🙂


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