Pushing the envelope?

Because of my penchant for minimalist fashion, I’m inherently not big on accessories though I’m quite aware that some statement accessories can vamp your outfit up like no other. Lately, however, I have become increasingly obsessed with this men’s clutch trend, which is using a portfolio holder or an iPad cover or a laptop sleeve or a pouch as an accessory. Speaking from a functional standpoint, it’s the middle ground between a big-sized wallet and a messenger bag, and thus certainly comes in handy when you carry a number of things that are more than your wallet can hold but don’t exactly warrant the roomy space of a messenger bag. And let’s not deny it, it’s 10 million times better than the horrendous small-sized messenger bag that transforms man who carries it into a messenger boy during wartime (note: Asians in general are more prone to this fashion crime). However, let’s not fool ourselves either about the fact that it serves as a fashion statement more often than it does as a bag to carry things around. At least, that’s how it would work under my circumstances, since I don’t own an iPad or an Kindle or that clanking keychain you see on every hipster. Bear in mind that you are treading a thin line between femininity and masculinity with this particular trend. Thus, it’s vital that we do it right from the get-go. Lucky for us that it’s not an over-saturated market yet, so you don’t have to bang your head against the walls when trying to choose one. Or better yet, I have rounded up the selection for you!

The classic: You can’t go wrong with any of these. Low-key, understated yet refined, these are the ultimate investment pieces.

From left to right: Prada Saffiano Leather Portfolio, Bottega Veneta Ebano Intrecciato VN Document Case, Burberry London Leather Digital Case, Balenciaga Clip L Maree


The bold: These stunners scream high-end fashion loud and clear. I love the textures of each and every case. Carrying one of these, and you’re a shoe-in for a spot on The Satorialist and Jak & Jil.

From left to right: Burberry Metallic Leather Digital CaseRalph Lauren Equestrian Zip PortfolioBurberry Nubuck Leather Document CaseJil Sander Envelope

color envelope

The color-block: These are the bridge between the classic and the bold. You’re right on trend with the color-blocking.

From left to right: Prada Saffiano Leather PortfolioReiss Robinson Navy Document WalletNeil Barrett Olive and Black Quilted Leather PouchPaul Smith Black Pethon Laptop Sleeve

color blockThe important question now is which one I should spend my mid-year bonus on? And which one will you splurge on? Let me know!!!

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