English is not my native language, but I have attained a good command of the language’s vocabulary after poring over the dictionary for the nightmarish SAT, then studying and working in the States. So, it has been such a hard pill to swallow when the thing that pretty much matters the most to me, aka fashion, is what shot down my self-esteem the most in terms of vocabulary and all that jazz. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to resort to the dictionary when reading fashion magazines and clothes’ description. Take this pair of pants for example. Its color is Terracotta. I thought to myself why they needed to dramatize while my eyes just declared it salmon? Upon further inspection though, the color is actually not salmon-y, but terracotta– “a cross between brown and orange”. Don’t you think it is such a terrific color for spring? Not too bright to the point of triggering flash burns, but not too neutral to not make a fashion statement.

Wearing: All Saints Shirt & Pants, Yves Saint Laurent Suede Loafer, Ray-Ban Aviator.


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