Mr Porter Global Style Campaign

I love Mr Porter to bits. In fact, I visit the site pretty frequently to get my dose of inspiration as well as to drool over things that are so out of my reach. I also think that it is very wise of them to gradually transition from a pure e-commerce to an e-commerce/menswear magazine site, which does a good job of retaining customers. They currently have this interesting contest called “MR PORTER Global Style campaign for Instagram”, which allows users from every corner of the world to share their personal style. There will be 4 winners based on the number of votes. The price is $3,500 worth of wardrobe.

Here is the deal: I know for a fact that I won’t make it even close to the top 500 or 100 or whatever arbitrary number that is, and it is perfectly fine by me. However, I personally believe that this is a really fun contest, since you can see random, personal style of normal people from all over the world, not celebrities or street-style celebrities. So, I have submitted a picture of myself in my all-time favorite All Saints coat, which I sort of regret now since it is not a full-body picture, and honestly not my most favorite outfit. Interestingly enough, they have selected me to be part of the campaign. Here is my ENTRY

If you, my beloved readers, have a second to spare and feel like it, please cast a vote. That would mean the world to me. But if you don’t, no big deal because the fact that you give my blog a few seconds of your precious time is already enough to make my day.


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