Squeezing in the last bit of winter

My lackluster business trip to Malaysia is to blame for this recent lack of posts. I have said it before and will say it again: there is nothing that I hate more than letting dust pile up in my blog. But it was terribly hard when your day started at around 7AM and ended at midnight under the smoldering heat that was Kuala Lumpur. Honestly speaking, going to Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and the other countries (the Southern part of Vietnam included) in South East Asia has made me gain a whole new level of appreciation for the climate that we have here in the north. I mean, what would fashion be without winter? T-shirt and short everyday all day? Dull with the capital D.

Speaking of winter, I think it’s safe to assume that I’m having my last bits of winter before this city turns into a furnace during the summer. What is a better way to end it than to take some of the items that I haven’t got a lot of mileage out of since I moved back home out for one last spin? A gray V-neck merino wool sweater and charcoal gray wool trousers layered under my all-time favorite, super fitted and warm overcoat paired with suede wingtip brogues. These best capture the essence of my personal style– always shoot for something that is classic, versatile and most importantly, won’t go out of style. Compared to womenswear, menswear might be a tad more boring in terms of colors, styles, shapes and forms. However, it is compensated by the fact that men don’t have to make a dash for stores to acquire the “it” bag or “it” shoes of the moment. Sure, if you are aware of the latest trends and willing to experiment, all the more power to you. But generally speaking, we don’t really have to follow trends to be nicely dressed. A tailored-to-perfection and quality-made overcoat or suit can last just about forever, unless being intentionally ruined. This is one aspect of menswear that I always treasure.

Wearing: All Saints Coat, Club Monaco Sweater and Wool Trousers, Uniqlo White Oxford Shirt and Paul Smith shoes 


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