This year, I’m celebrating the new year with my family for the first time after a 5-year absence. In case you aren’t familiar with the third world, we don’t celebrate the new year at the end of December like it’s in the West, but usually a month or two later. It’s been rather strange for me, to say the least. On the one hand, there is this warm, mushy feeling of being able to spend some quality time with the family after so much time apart. But on the other hand, the excessive formality and some of the long-standing traditions, not to mention the decadent dishes, really irked me at some point. I personally don’t entertain the fact that the vast majority of time, instead of being spent on getting to know and getting closer to the closest family members who actually matter, is spread out on prepping so much food that is capable of suffocating the eaters in one sitting and exchanging too many pleasantries with people who don’t have much to do with your life. Admittedly, I’m not the most traditional person when it comes to all of this, and the problem was also exacerbated to some extent after being in the States all those years. But I truly believe that at the end of the day, New Year, Christmas or whatever it’s should be spent more on people and things of importance. We can really do away with all the formality and frivolity.

Another upside of this new year occasion that warrants some serious appreciation is the fact that it whisked away about 70 percent of the city’s inhabitants, which ended up being so conducive for a photo-shoot. To keep things in perspective, the population of this crazy city is about 7.5 millions, just 1 million short of New York City’s. For the outfit of the shoot, I decided to stay true to my DNA, which was to go full force on navy. It was a day of some heavy walking, so a pair of 1901 suede oxford that I got at Nordstrom immediately sprang to mind as experience has it that nothing, except for maybe a pair of running Nike, could hold a candle next to 1901 in terms of comfort. I put the final touch to the outfit by adding a vintage black-and-red paisley-print scarf that I got for less than 10 dollars, which looks pretty Dries Van Noten-inspired. As I’m writing this post, it’s actually just dawned on me that the red part of the scarf is matchy-matchy with the red part of the shoes. I really lived my colors fully!

Wearing: Uniqlo Coat, Uniqlo Shirt, American Apparel Pants, 1901 Saddle Oxford Shoes, Warby Parker Glasses, and vintage scarf.


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