Silver Lining

Living in the third world, the weather can be pretty bipolar. One day, you have to bundle up like a polar bear. Then the next thing you know, it suddenly gets all breezy, spring-y and sunny. Which is sort of ridiculous, I think. The non-stop changes we need are in people’s behavior and mindset, not in the day-by-day weather for god’s sake. But I have to admit, the one and only upside of that is the variety of choices you have in dressing. Take a few days ago for an example. Just a sweater and a light blazer, and bam I was all set for an afternoon outing. Speaking of tops, the more clothes I hoard, the more I realize that very few items manage to outdo a nice blazer in function and style. I bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer at Bloomingdale’s San Francisco quite a long time ago, and my body has made a 180 degrees turn since that fateful day when an irreparable damage was done to my vulnerable wallet. I have no idea how Marc Jacobs and his team do it, but it still fits like a glove. Coupled with the fact that it’s in midnight navy blue, it’s been officially catapulted to the top spot in my investment pieces’ list. Since the overall mood of the outfit was earth colors, I decided to add a pop of harvest gold but realized it was rather irrelevant. That’s why the scarf was on and off 🙂

Wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs Blazer, All Saints Sweater, Club Monaco Chino, Diesel Black Gold Belt, Club Monaco Scarf, All Saints Shoes and Ray-Ban Wayfarer. 


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