Different shades of blue

I used to be borderline obsessed with denim. If memory serves me right, jeans were the only type of pants that I wore during the first two years in college. And if you want full disclosure, I basically lived in jeans throughout high-school. I really do think denim is one of the greatest fashion inventions- unbelievably wearable, stylish and comfortable (this depends, though). But then, I grew out of it and stopped wearing jeans for quite a while on the premise that they were too casual and boring. Why would I need jeans while a plethora of amazing choices such as chinos, corduroys, wool etc were available? As a result, the number of jeans I bought just diminished over time. However, as my obsession with jeans waned, my obsession with denim and denim-looking shirts grew out of control. Like, I literally bought every single denim shirt that I ever laid my eyes on. So many that I could sustain for a few weeks without having to do laundry. The thing is jeans and denim shirts are wearable only when not combined. Dressing in head-to-toe denim can get very tricky. Unless done correctly, you could become a laughingstock like THIS. As I rummaged in my closet a few days ago, I also found a pair of denim boots from Marc Jacobs SS2012 collection, which is one of the hardest items to match in my wardrobe. So, this silly idea of going all in on denim came up. It took a while to mix and match, but eventually getting how to work the denim-on-denim look was nothing short of an eureka moment for me lol. You just have to wear different shades of blue, plain and simple!

Wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch Denim shirt, Levi’s Slim-Fit Jeans, Marc Jacobs SS2012 Denim Chukka Ankle Boots and Diesel Black Gold Belt. 


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