Take the pants off

I have slowly resigned to the harsh fact that I am a person with a rigid predisposition. My whole life has been governed by plans, rules and whatnot. Risks, whether being calculated or not, and spontaneity have always been conspicuously lacking, even when it comes to fashion. Remember my confessional post about refusing to colorize my wardrobe?

Well, in another feeble attempt to break that vicious cycle, I decided to add an item that has been grilled into the my head for the longest time to be the ultimate menswear fashion disaster– drop-crotch tapered pants to my pants collection. My justification for purchase, besides the usual “oh this is gonna be the last one”, was: to hell with rules. Of course, it wasn’t a completely worry-free decision since I had to order online, and I vaguely remembered that I had actually tried it on before and there was something definitely off about it. My problem with this type of pants lies in the the thigh section, which is so slouchy that you can actually wear two pairs of shorts inside. To mitigate this whole thigh issue, I paired it with a knee-length, structured overcoat. But as you can see, it is still very problematic. I think the only way to make it work is me pulling an Angelina Jolie at the Oscars last year (think: the Angie leggy situation) lol. The final verdict is drop-crotch tapered pants will be banned indefinitely, at least from my wardrobe. But it was fun trying something different and learning that it does not work. I think that is pretty much what developing your own style is all about: you try, you fail and you learn.

Now, you mind telling me a trend you recently tried that has always been the bone of contention? And how was the result?

Wearing: All Saints Charcoal Harvard Coat, All Saints Hitch Funnel Pullover, All Saints Place Tie, Uniqlo White Shirt, Zara hat, All Saints Rubble Gun Jeans, Diesel Black Gold belt and Hugo Boss suede ankle shoes


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