Camel Breaker

What I particularly like about the recent menswear fashion week in London, Milan and Paris is that though the predominant colors still oscillate between black, navy, grey and other dark colors, many designers have incorporated some bright and vibrant ones in their collection. Menswear doesn’t have to be rigid, you know. Admittedly, I used to be one of those who never stepped outside the territory of black, brown, grey and navy when it came to the wardrobe department. I believe my personality back then manifested itself so clearly in what I wore– too rigid for my own good. Then, I woke up one day and decided that it was enough and I had to wear colors. Nah, I’m just kidding. It actually took a lot of soul searching and spiritual developments for me to get to that point. But once I got there, I have never looked back. Case in point: before I left New York, I bought about 20 different pairs of socks in the brightest colors imaginable (think: orange, pink, red, green and yellow). Everything is still work in progress, though because I just realized the only colorful pants I own at this point are in camel. To stop the loner from collecting more dust, I took it out for a spin earlier and mixed it with this super soft and comfortable All Saints sweater. It has this very cool two tone stitch patterns, which looks quite like a fishnet from afar. But it makes my shoulders appear wider, so I’m not complaining at all. I paired the outfit with the navy Fendi suede shoes to tone down a little bit whatever is going on up there.

Apparently, I’m not the only one trying to get back to reality in the aftermath of fashion week 😀 IFB is having this fun project on the topic of menswear ( The timing couldn’t be more opportune, so this post is definitely entering the contest.






IMG_2411Wearing: Custom-made Coat, All Saints Alpine Crew Pullover, American Apparel Work Pant, Fendi Suede Laced-Up Shoes, RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses 

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