Recap | Paris Menswear Fashion Week FW1314 (Day 4 & 5)

Paris Menswear Fashion Week certainly ended on a surprising and apparently snowy note. The final run of this season included some of my perennially favorite houses, so you can imagine how excited I was. And can you believe that the end of menswear fashion week marks the beginning of couture fashion week? Never have I felt so bad about not being born a Parisian.

A.P.C: I love A.P.C for their minimalistic clothes with clean cuts and solid colors. The brand sticks to its signature this season, creating clothes that are beautiful, simple and extremely wearable. I could see myself wearing all of these looks. Really, none is off limits. Don’t you think that the maroon jacket in look #2 is absolutely to-die-for? 

apcDamir Doma: To be perfectly honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Damir Doma. If you want even more truth, I only became aware of the existence of the brand when I read an article about BryanBoy, which mentioned his sleazy tweet about having a three-some with a guy in Damir Doma. Why I was so ignorant back then is the question that I still occasionally ask myself! Maybe because the brand’s presence States-side isn’t very strong? Enough with the backstory. What I want to say is I like the cozy and warm feel of the colors in this collection.

ddAmi: Can it get any more wearable than this? Forms, colors and prints are exactly what I have in my book. Amazing with the capital A. 

AMILanvinAlber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver could do no wrong. All the double-breast jackets are utterly must-haves. The color palette is timeless.

lanvinPaul Smith: Well, if my putting together 9 images of this collection isn’t subtle enough of a hint, I’ll lay all the cards on the table right now: I WORSHIP AT THE ALTAR OF PAUL SMITH. I consider myself a person with an above-average strong will and can say NO to certain temptations, except for anything with the initials PS on it. Paul Smith is like a big brother in my wardrobe. Seriously, I don’t think my obsession with the funky combinations of colors in his designs will ever go away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS COLLECTION. 

psThom Browne: Though usually erring on the side of being abstract and impractical, I have a tremendous appreciation for Thom Browne’s designs. My affinity for his eccentric clothing might partly stems from my respect for his unconventional and inspiring path to fashion. He went to University of Notre Dame, which is under 4 hours drive from mine. He graduated with a degree in Economics, just like I did. Then, he did a variety of things before entering fashion as a salesman. My perception of his designs might very well be influenced by reading all of that. Like, I always sense a light air of intellectuality in everything he puts out for the public, this collection included. I’m not sure if anyone would actually wear these clothes, but the wealth of creativity it displays is indisputable. 

tbSaint Laurent Paris: The element of surprise is too great with this collection, do you agree? I know Hedi Slimane would surely churn out something very slim-fit, but ripped super-skinny jeans, simple plaid shirts and oversize sweaters and jackets? I really didn’t see it coming. That ‘surprise’ factor is what makes it appealing to me, besides the fact that all the plaid shirts would fit right in my shirt collection. However, one thing that I find not appealing at all is the models looking so emaciated and anorexic. I understand the overall mood of the collection, but they all look too unhealthy to be true.


Image SourceGQ

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