Recap | Paris Menswear Fashion Week FW1314 (Day 3 & 4)

According to show-goers’ Instagram, Paris has been covered in layers of snow in the last couple of days. It makes the experience of shows going even all the more special, don’t you think? Imagine you could get all bundled up like a motherfucker and wear your most bad-ass combat boots. That is one hell of a fashion statement, I think. Speaking of which, Day 3 and 4 saw the visual extravaganza of giants such as Dior Homme, Givenchy and Hermes. Similar to those in day 1 and 2, some during the two following days left me completely breathless while some others made me silently mumble, “what the fuck is going on?”. Beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder.

Junya Watanabe Man: Patchwork, patchwork and more patchwork that it gets to the point of being repetitive. There is nothing refreshing about the colors. I’m not particularly going crazy over this one. 


Ann Demeulemeester: One of those that left me with a “WTF” reaction. But actually not the negative kind of “WTF”. I think I need a lot of time to look again and again and again at this collection to unearth its aesthetic. 

adMaison Martin MargielaI have a confession to make: I used to not like MMM because their clothes, more often than not, look unnecessarily slouchy, and thus making my experience of looking at them a tad uncomfortable (I know they ushered in this whole new concept of deconstruction and all that jazz).   But that has changed of late. The more I look at each collection, the more I have been able to appreciate its unconventional aesthetic and more importantly, wearability. I am pretty fond of this collection, especially the colors and the structures. Like, it’s loose and firm at the same time (does that make any sense?) The last two looks are luxurious but over-the-top, but the first two are to-die-for. Besides paisley print, I’m having a teal fever, which consequently makes look #2 the aspirin. 


Kris Van Assche: Can anyone please tell me what I will have to do to own every single look from this collection? As long as it’s not illegal, I’m game for anything!!!


Givenchy: Like if I were to walk in this show without knowing the name of the fashion house, I would immediately know Ricardo Tissi is behind all of this. His name is simply written all over the pieces. I think this one is pretty stellar. Highly wearable but still quirky enough. On an unrelated note, how come the models look so orange?


John Galliano: By now, I guess you all are aware that John Galliano is slowly making his way back into the fashion world. It is such a great news because I think his creativity is truly remarkable. This collection was of course not designed by him, but the creativity seems to be very much intact. 


Berluti: The cut and the shape certainly exude an old-school vibe, but the colors are quite modern. Do I need to mention that the models look kind of vampiry?


Alexander Wang: Wang does what he is famous for: downtown cool practical streetwear with a touch of high fashion. 


Dior Homme: Dear Kris Van Assche, isn’t making me drool over every single piece of your eponymous collection enough? Do you really need to kill me softly with this perfectly tailored and perfectly colored collection for Dior? This collection is the reason why I have been a devotee of Dior Homme for the longest time. Impeccable, plain and simple. One thousand likes. 


Hermès: The ultimate epitome of luxury is here. Vibrant colors, luxurious materials (I wouldn’t even want to guess the retail price of the croc or snake-skin jacket in look #5) and slim-fit tailoring, what is not to like? Oh the prices!


Image SourceGQ

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