Recap | Paris Menswear Fashion Week FW1314 (Day 1 & 2)

Greetings from the beautiful Paris 😀

Nah, just kidding. Yours truly is still stuck somewhere in the third world, crunching numbers all day long in the lifeless cubicle and looking out the window at the depressingly hazy sky. The only flicker of hope is a little hidden tab on the titled computer screen where yours truly keeps abreast of what is happening in Paris, fashion-wise. Well, Paris has been quite interesting and quirky this season. And the Parisians certainly do it differently from their Italian counterparts. I sense a more youthful and chillaxing vibe across the board but not at the expense of sharp silhouettes and clean cuts. Let’s go into more details with each collection.

Valentino: I believe Valentino kick-started this catwalk season, and it’s so far hands-down my MOST favorite collection of the whole season. I mean, if I were to possess every piece from the collection, I would be set and happy for the rest of my life. The colors, the patterns, the silhouettes and the textures are literally perfect. And when something’s that perfect, words probably become just redundant. The collage in each collection below consists of my four favorite looks. For Valentino though, it just gotta be more than that. Seriously if space permitted, I would put the whole collection up here. 

ValentinoMugler: Electric blue, neon green and neon pink among others? Nicola Formichetti seems to be having fun with the colors. 


Christian Lacroix: I like some of the prints and the patterns but not in the form of jumpsuits though. Too much hassle when it comes to the restroom. 


Raf Simons: I absolutely LOVE Raf Simons’ use of colors in this collection. The shirts certainly more loose, the pants certainly more slouchy but they still fit and hold well on the body like gloves (at least on the models’ body). And the color-blocking story? Don’t even get me started. 

Raf Simons

3.1 Phillip Lim: Leather sweaters? Bold-print leather pants? What you waiting for? Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton are right here to snap your pictures. 

Philip Lim

Rick Owens: Though I never get Rick Owens’ designs, I still think he’s a genius. Or maybe that’s what the media has taught me to think! Here are some of the images that conjure up in my head when I see this collection in a random order: wolverines, X-men, aliens from another planet, Games of Thrones and probably things that my mind couldn’t translate into words or images. 

Rick Owens

Louis Vuitton: First of all, I think this collection is beautiful and luxurious. Silk, fur, leather and probably super-fine cashmere (I guess from looking at the sweaters), what more can you get? Second of all, I wonder if the Louis Vuitton man in this collection is trying to get more in touch with nature via animals and flowers? The silky flowers-print overcoat and jackets are a little bit decadent to my liking.


Viktor & Rolf: Elegant and understated. Kind of playing on the safe side, but I really like. 


Jean Paul Gaultier: The clothes literally screams Jean Paul Gaultier. Vest meets skirt, leather jumpsuits and vest jumpsuits. Interesting but more likely to be looked than to be worn. 


Yohji Yamamoto: If there were an award for the toughest-to-digest collection of the season, it would most likely go to this one. The clothes are very well-made, and the colors are very nice and wearable, but what is the message here? Something like Mr. Wise Old Man meets Mr. English Gentleman from the old age meets Mr. Jewish in Brooklyn meets…so on and so forth.


Dries Van Noten: I’m having a mild print (specifically paisley print) fever, so it comes as no surprise that I like this collection. Some I wouldn’t necessarily envision myself wearing (look #3, for instance) but look #2 and #4 are sort of cool that I’d like to try at some point. 


Image sourceGQ

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