Sunday in the park

One of the two most pressing concerns I had when I left the States for my fatherland was how I would go about coping with the unbearable weather and pollution (fyi, the other one was how I was gonna feed my sartorial addiction, j/k). The region where I hail from experiences humid subtropical climate, otherwise known as four seasons climate. This is similar to New York, and thus fits my agenda perfectly, in theory. In reality though, pollution is like a slap in the face, wiping off completely the beauty of each season. This winter has been brutally cold. Since this is the third world, heaters are not very common, which means you still need to layer it up like a motherfucker even inside the house. The whole city is always enveloped in a hazy blanket of fog, dirt and dust. Not this past Sunday, though. For the very first time since the beginning of the winter, there was sunshine, which immediately called for a layered-up walk in the park before brunch.





Grey Mayfield Jacket and Laker Funnel Neck Pullover Sweater by All Saints

Shirt and Jean by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Drawing High-top Sneakers by Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer 2009 Collection 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses 

American Apparel belt

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