When it comes to fashion, I’m not the head-to-toe-in-designers type. Don’t get me wrong; I love designers goodies just as much as the next guy, but I always believe that there is more to fashion than just high-end designer brands. Many young designers or brands actually offer the originality and quality that truly deserve some recognition. By young designers/brands, I don’t mean the likes of Alexander Wang, Jason Wu or Prabal Gurung etc. They’re certainly young by age, but their eponymous brand has already achieved a coveted status and attracted an ever-increasing following. Here I’m talking about much less known brands such as my new-found favorite ISAORA, which is an American menswear brand based in New York City. It’s quite funny because I chanced upon it only when I already parted ways with the city for, like, half a year.


What particularly impresses me about ISAORA is the fact that it makes its mission very crystal-clear from the beginning, which is to provide both function and design in its clothing rather than being over-the-top or trying to become the next big thing. Truth to be told, I haven’t got to wear its famous ultra-light, ultra-soft but ultra-warm jackets yet because the prices are a little bit out of my reach. But this Printed Button Down Shirt I’m wearing in this photo stays true to its core values and lives up to my expectations. When I saw it online, I immediately fell for the color of indigo-dye mixed with white and the grid-print patterns that are, in my justification for purchase, able to create some kind of optical illusion. And when I finally put it on after 3.5 months later of waiting for my friend’s return, I know I made such a right choice. The shirt’s super soft texture felt so nice and light, and the grid patterns surely made my upper body look kind of…wider. And it’s not to mention that it was made in NYC.

Now if my bank account weren’t hitting such an all-time low, I would go for this Tech 3L Splatter Riding Shell Jacket in a heartbeat 🙁 The white-but-not-so white color, the hand-painted print, the fashionable zippers and of course the ultra-warm effect courtesy of advanced materials used, this jacket has everything I ever need to brave this crazy-cold-but-no-heater weather in the third world.


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