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The sales season is in full swing. I have tried to avoid looking at those websites like the plague because my holiday budget allowance had already been exceeded way before the sales even started. But it’s really tough when each passing day you receive at least one beautiful and inviting email about 50%, 75% or even more has been taken down. The worst beast of all has to be Mr Porter. Their international sales are fully on, and I’m already lusting after a zillion things. But this particular item…*sigh*.

This BALENCIAGA PERFECTO SLIM-FIT LEATHER BIKER JACKET is complicatedly simple but beyond gorgeous. I don’t know what possessed me all this time, but I don’t own ONE single leather jacket in my closet. Maybe because a good leather one is always expensive, or maybe because I have always associated leather jackets with bad-asses and vagabonds (ridiculous, I know). It doesn’t matter anymore, though because this Balenciaga screams class, luxury, timelessness and warmth. I promise if you were to become mine, you would be my go-to-jacket on almost every occasion.

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  • Thich thi nhich kung ah.

    • The jacket comes with a moderate price of around $3000 P lol.